Hey Friend!


It pretty important that you and I vibe well so here's a few more truths about yours truly:


99% of the time, my choice of entertainment is humour. The books I read and the movies I watch absolutely have to make me laugh!

My stress reliever is either cooking or some form of physical activity. It gives me the ultimate sense of accomplishment.

I will obsess over my favourite shows (i.e. Friends) until I can recite them verbatim. In my defense, I will still crack up even if it is the twenty-first time I have seen the Holiday Armadillo. 

I don't hide my emotions. You will know my level of excitement right away. And to the couples that feed off that energy: well we basically just became best friends (cue Step Brothers reference).

The ultimate goal I have for your wedding is for you to ENJOY IT! Don't worry about what Pinterest says, your story is unique and your wedding is beautiful because it is yours. I love being the one to give you the photos that will bring you back to those moments that make you feel the way you did on that day.


Now it's your turn. I'd love to hear more about you, your fiance and everything fabulous about your upcoming wedding. I want to be there to capture every moment of your special day so let's do this!





Much love,