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5 Best Things About Being a Mom

Posted on 8 May 2017
n case you guys forgot (hopefully you didn't...you did, didn't you?) next Sunday is Mother's Day! It's a day to celebrate your Mom, or being a Mom yourself.


Mother's Day should be a big deal. We work freakin' hard as Moms. On any given day, we are running around making sure our offspring don't fall, electrocute themselves,  or drink the toilet water under our supervision . I mean, that's a reason to have a party on it's own. Being a Mom has changed me for the better. I kinda like it. It's a pretty cool feeling. In honour of Mother's Day, I've compiled a list of some of the best things about being a Mom. I'm sure the list will change as my kids get older but here they are today:


5 of the best (but not ALL) things about being a Mom:


1. Your priorities shift

in a good way. The minute the nurse puts that baby in your arms, your whole world changes. "This isn't real life", you think. From that point, every major decision you make is impacted by that little life. I personally can't believe sometimes how much my daily choices involve thinking how it will affect my children. They come first. Always.

2. It makes you feel beautiful

If you are lucky enough to be able to carry your own child, you are a witness to one of the most beautiful miracles in the world. Yes, I will admit, I actually did not enjoy either of my pregnancies. Of course, there were moments where I would be filled with joy that my children were healthy and safe; however, that joy would be quickly replaced with agony as my rib cage felt as if it would be dislocated at any moment with one more roundhouse kick. Regardless of  any struggles, when you look at your children in awe, you think "I created that", it gives a feeling of empowerment and pride no one can take from you.


3. It makes you stronger

Motherhood has more mood swings than a teenager going through puberty. Your day can switch from elated to miserable in a minute. I've seen it happen. I've experienced low points where I need to take a break and step back. Once I've taken that moment though, I return with even more dedication to my job, that is, is raising two healthy, selfless, giving and strong-willed individuals.

4. You appreciate what YOUR Mom went through

I have lost track of how many times I have called my Mom and demanded how she handled my brother and I as kids. What is her secret??? My Mom has worked for everything she has achieved. Nothing has been handed to her and, to this day, she still surprises me with her attitude and unconditional love she has for her family. My parents have been married for 35 years and they have said, without a doubt, that what they are most proud of is their children. COME ON! Way to pile on the pressure guys


5. You get to watch everyone else become a father, grandparent, uncle...

Aside from having the pleasure of seeing my parents become grandparents, I get to watch my husband become a father. So many people say the appreciation for their spouse changes immediately when they see them become a parent, and it's true. The same love, fear and devotion you have for your children manifests itself in your other half. Seeing that is so powerful and that love is indescribable.

So, go give your Mom a call, a hug, some flowers, or anything that will make her feel special. They are the reason you are here and mine is the reason I am a Mom today. Thanks Mom! Love you.

Happy Mother's Day!

Much love,


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