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The Easiest Way to Preserve Your Bouquet

Posted on 8 February 2018
The Easiest Way to Preserve Your Bouquet

Valentine's Day is next week!

It's a time when so many of us receive gorgeous floral arrangements from our spouses or loved ones.

Fast forward a week later and the petals are wilted, the water is brown and there is nothing left to do than toss your bouquet.

So how about an alternative? Here's a quick (and easy) way to preserve your flowers!

Bonus: this method is not the same as hanging your bouquet (which can result in the flowers turning brown and not keeping their natural colour).

Here's what you'll need before you begin:


  • Plastic container to contain flowers (you may need more than one depending on the size of your bouquet) *I used two 6L bins
  • Silica Gel (you can find this at any craft store)
  • Scissors
  • Bouquet or flowers (I'm using a bridal bouquet from a recent photoshoot I did)



1. If you are using a wedding bouquet, carefully remove the satin, or fabric, that held the stems together and lay out each stem flat on your working surface. There may be floral tape, pins and other materials holding the bouquet together so this part is kind of neat. It gives an inside look as to what assembling a wedding bouquet actually involves.


2. Remove any outer petals that have started to warp or turn brown. This process is a must because you cannot do it after they are dry without risking breaking the entire piece.

3. Trim the stems so they are 1-2 inches long (just enough so they will stand up straight while sitting in the silica gel.

 If you would like to preserve your greens, just trim enough so that they will fit while laying flat in your plastic containers.


4. Fill your containers with the silica gel. Make sure that the height of the flowers will fit into the container without the lid touching them. Mine was filled about 2" worth of gel.

5. Carefully place each flower into the gel. Do not worry if they touch. The drying process causes them to shrink so it won't matter in the end.


6. Once the flowers are all placed, lightly dust the tops of the flowers with more silica gel so that the inside of the petals are treated as well (again, to avoid browning).

7. Place lid on tight and store in an area away that is safe. I chose under my bed because I knew that they wouldn't get kicked or found by my kids.

The drying process usually takes 1-2 weeks. Make sure you do not open the lid or move the boxes as the flowers are very delicate once dry.

Below is what they look like once they are fully dried. I love that the flowers and petals still retain so much colour!

That's it! Have you used any other drying methods for your flowers or bouquet?

Let me know what you've done or if you have tried this method. I'd love to hear about it :)




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